Grant & Contract Expenditure Auditing

The Office of Grant and Contract Accounting is responsible for auditing expenditures charged to sponsored agreements for allowability. All expenditure documents (such as: travel vouchers, interdepartmental billings, vouchers, journals, cost transfers, SSIs and receiving reports) to be paid on grant and contract accounts will be reviewed and approved by the GCA Grant Auditor based on the defined finance system workflows.  Purchasing card transactions for grant and contract accounts are also subject to audit via electronic monitoring.

The guidelines for determining if a cost is allowable come from the following sources:

 All sponsored funding expenditures on Grant & Contract accounts are required to follow NDSU Accounting procedures and internal controls.  Please see Accounts Payable Department Responsibilities and Internal Controls. 

* (Note: The finance system workflow setup defines the department, Ag Budget, GCA, Purchasing and Accounting staff that are approved authorized signors, the routing order and threshold requirements).

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