Elvin Isgrig

Elvin Isgrig did systems engineering and was a project manager in USAF for 27 years.  He then taught for 23 years, developed capstone courses for companies, chaired two years in Industrial Engineering and Management at NDSU, and helped Computer Sciences and Software Engineering for two years.  Introduced, organized, and facilitated capstone experiences for students in teams (over 100 client projects).  That was after beginning an academic career as Dean of Defense Acquisition University (Defense Systems Management College, now DAU).  Holds degrees in Industrial Engineering & Management (IE&M), Aeronautical (AE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME), and studied for an academic year with the Boeing Company in a formal Education-With-Industry program in Astronautics and Space Vehicles.

Over two decades were spent conceiving, proving, producing and supporting high technology devices and systems: (1) products: airplanes, sensors (cameras, television, lasers, radar and infrared), missiles, spacecraft and simulators, and (2) global systems for communications, reconnaissance, logistics, training, and testing.  Retired from USAF in the grade of Colonel.

For ten years he served as Director of Educational Services for the Project Management Institute (PMI) and taught project management in companies in the US, Europe, and Australia, while a full-time faculty member at NDSU.  He was recognized as a Fellow in PMI.  During that time he conducted surveys of educational needs for a broad range of industries and developed, or hired, instructors for scores of short courses and seminars offered.

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