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Congratulations on your admission to NDSU

If you require a transfer in SEVIS, it is very important that you follow these instructions. If you are an F-1/J-1 student transferring to NDSU from another SEVIS approved secondary school (high school) or post-secondary institution (college, university, or English language institute) in the United States, please be sure to follow the Transfer-In Process at the following link in order to ensure your SEVIS I-20/DS-2019 document is transferred in a timely manner to avoid any issues with your immigration status.

The SEVIS Transfer-In Eligibility form should be completed electronically to start the transfer process. To access the form, please visit our Forms page. 

Please have the following information ready before beginning the form: The name, and email address, of your international student advisor at your current school who will be completing your transfer paperwork.

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At NDSU, you are assigned to an international student advisor based on your visa status

If you have any questions about the issuance of your transfer I-20/DS-2019, contact us with any questions: 

Submit a copy of your admission letter to the Designated School Official (DSO) or A/RO at your current school. Complete the first part of the Transfer Eligibility Form, and upon completion, the form is then electronically routed to your DSO, who then signs and submits the form electronically to our office at NDSUto initiate the transfer.

Any students who are travelling before beginning studies at NDSUYou must be certain which school holds your I-20/DS-2019 at the time of your departure and of your re-entry to the United States and agree that you have discussed your travel with both schools, and that you are aware whether or not a new visa is required in your situation.
On-campus employmentAuthority to allow on-campus employment remains with the school who holds the SEVIS record. Any on-campus employment at your current school ends when the record is transferred to NDSU.
F-1 Students on OPTIf you are on OPT, your OPT ends when your current school releases your record to NDSU. Please plan carefully and discuss your situation with the DSO at your current school.
J-1 studentsIf you are considering transferring your DS-2019 to NDSU, you must first have your A/RO at your current institution contact us so we can determine your eligiblity to transfer before your record is released to us.

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