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As part of a new agribiome research initiative, we are searching for an Assistant Professor of Phytobiomes and an Assistant Professor of Livestock Microbial Ecology

The Banerjee Lab is seeking motivated PhD students to start in summer 2020 or sooner. These positions come with a generous stipend and tuition waiver. Students will join a program that does not require intensive coursework. Instead, the focus is on developing competencies in core areas such as scientific method, research techniques, communication, and professional soft skills.

Gustad a Hero

We always knew that microbiology instructor Tom Gustad was a hero, but now it's official. Tom was recently added to the CourseHero Faculty Club, which publishes lessons from top educators. You can read the article, Piglets, Potato Salad, and Death: Liven up Microbiology with Storytelling, at the CourseHero website


An escape room experience with a difference! The brainchild of Honors Program student Emily Holzer, teams will need to solve an infectious disease puzzle to escape from a real lab. Find out how to participate here.

Other Microbiological Sciences News

The latest publication from the Bergholz Lab looks at the effect of two different environmental stresses (increased osmolarity and bile salts) on the foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes.

A new publication from Teresa Bergholz's group shows that vacuum steam inactivates pathogens on wheat without affecting the quality of milled flour

Dr. Carson, Professor of Public Health, will present a seminar on vaccine hesitancy and exemptions on Thursday, January 30 at 11 AM in Van Es 101. Refreshments will be available from 10:30 AM

Our Spring Seminar Series kicks off on January 16 at 11 AM in Van Es 101.

The Ramamoorthy Lab has an opening for a Postdoctoral Associate in viral immunity and vaccine development

How do seasonal conditions impact survival of pathogenic E. coli on lettuce? The answer is in a new paper from Teresa Bergholz's group.

Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP) has critical roles in gut health. This new research shows that those roles include maintaining microbiota balance and biodiversity.

How do your body and the bacteria in your gut communicate?

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