April 20, 2023

Four reasons to be Bison bound


NDSU students
NDSU is a great choice for students looking for a comprehensive and enriching college experience that prepares you for career success.

It can sometimes be challenging to decide which university is right for you while being inundated with new information about so many colleges and campuses. But NDSU offers a variety of unique advantages that set it apart from other possible destinations.

Here are four reasons to choose NDSU:

NDSU majors
NDSU has a major area of study for almost every interest.

More than 100 majors and minors

NDSU offers an extensive range of majors and diverse academic programs, including engineering, agriculture, health professions, science, technology and mathematics. Students have opportunities to pursue their passions and interests, shaping their education to align with career aspirations and personal goals.

Student organizations
There are more than 300 student organizations at NDSU, including a rock climbing club.

More than 300 student organizations and clubs

NDSU has a robust student life. With more than 300 student organizations and clubs, there is something for everyone at NDSU. From cultural organizations, academic clubs, intramural sports and more, students can connect with people who share their interests and explore new adventures outside of the classroom.

NDSU research
NDSU is an R1 research institution, the highest, the highest classification presented to the top colleges in the country.

Hands-on learning and research opportunities

As a distinguished R1 research institution, NDSU empowers students with unparalleled opportunities for high-level, hands-on learning and research. Students gain real-world experience and develop the skills necessary for career success. NDSU's cutting-edge research facilities, coupled with expert faculty guidance, provide invaluable opportunities to conduct pioneering research, further enhancing your academic and professional growth.

Fargo sign
The Fargo-Moorhead metro area is a vibrant community with plenty of options for entertainment and personal growth.

A vibrant campus and metro community

NDSU has a vibrant campus and Fargo-Moorhead metro community. NDSU's campus offers a unique blend of historic architecture and modern amenities, creating a comfortable and conducive environment for learning and personal growth. The surrounding Fargo-Moorhead area also offers plenty of entertainment options, like shopping, dining and outdoor activities, to help deliver a well-rounded and fulfilling college experience.

As you consider options for higher education, NDSU is a top choice ifor a comprehensive and enriching college experience that prepares you for career success.

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