Experience NDSU

Students are at the center of hands-on learning at NDSU.
These are just a few examples from current students’ experiences.


Bee research



Saving the bees is the focus of grad student's research

NDSU graduate students work alongside respected and renowned professors conducting world-class research. The advanced education develops highly-skilled and innovative leaders who have higher job security and lifetime earnings.

Heather North, a student in the biological sciences doctoral program, is working on a project looking to determine whether commonly-used pesticides have helped decimate the world’s honey bee population by negatively affecting a drone’s ability to mate with the queen. She works with Julia Bowsher, associate professor of biological sciences.

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Students on computer
NDSU cybersecurity teams compete nationally

Students can join any of NDSU’s more than 300 organizations or clubs to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting. 

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Students in Viking Ship Park
NDSU students redesign local park

Students learn by doing at NDSU. Their work often takes the form of solving real-world problems. 

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Student in self-driving car
Hands-on research for hands-off driving 

NDSU students work on research projects using cutting-edge technology, making them desirable to potential employers.

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