Purchase NDSU parking permits

Guests may purchase daily or temporary permits upon visiting the NDSU campus online  by creating a user account and paying with a debit/credit card.

Daily permits can be purchased for all pay lots on the NDSU campus, including Memorial Union (MU) lot, T2 lot, Visitor's lot, and the Wellness Center (WE) lot. The pay lots offer premium parking, since they are centrally located and near event venues on the main campus.

Temporary permits may also be purchased for non pay lot parking in less demanded lots on campus. Temporary permits can be purchased on a daily basis or for an extended period of time. Temporary permits are offered at a reduced rate and can be purchased for the following lots: BH (Barry Hall) Visitor; KH (Klai Hall); RF (south of the SHAC complex); RH (Renaissance Hall); and RP (Research Park).

To view all the valid lots for guests, please view the NDSU Parking Map. Additionally, please utilize the NDSU Visitor Parking Matrix. It will help guide you in purchasing the correct parking lot.

Guest daily and temporary parking permits are not allowed in: no parking zones, fire lanes, sidewalks, state fleet lot, reserved spaces, sidewalks or campus green spaces. Guest daily and temporary permits are non-refundable.

Daily Pay Lot Permits: $5.00 each

Temporary (non pay lot parking) Permits:  $2.00 a day

Online Purchasing Instructions

Please read all the below instructions carefully.

  1. Make sure you allow for all cookies and pop ups.
  2. Visit the NDSU Parking Portal(If you currently have an account, proceed to step 5).
  3. Select NDSU Guest as your classification.
  4. Click Create Account.
  5. Log into your account.
  6. Click on Get Permits or Get Daily Pay Lot Permits and proceed with the transaction.
  7. Once the transaction is complete, please be sure to PRINT the permit.
  8. Place the printable permit on the driver's side dashboard, face-up.
    NOTE - Printable permit is not valid unless displayed properly in vehicle.
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