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Hardy KoenigWelcome!  I am happy you are looking into Theatre NDSU. Our students choose to study theatre for many different reasons.  Some of them want to become theatre professionals and choose our BFA professional theatre degree track in Musical Theatre or Performance or Design Technology. The BFA or Bachelor of Fine Arts is a professionally–oriented degree that places primary emphasis on performance and studio activity and requires a high level of involvement in the academic curriculum. 

We also have a strong Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree. Some students choose this path if they want to be theatre educators, directors or dramaturges, or want to continue to work in closely-related fields in the entertainment industry. Whatever your chosen path, we have the resources to help you delve deeply into the subject you love and support you in making your own way in sharing your passion with your communities and society. No matter what your career plans may be, Theatre NDSU will prepare you with a rich foundation in theatre as well as skills in communication, collaboration, leadership, and creative problem solving­­, all skills needed in many different jobs in many walks of life.

Few strictly undergraduate programs have such a wealth of expertise to offer their students while still being so open and welcoming. Our department at NDSU offers a production environment modeled on the professional theatre world but focused on the undergraduate student.  Our student organizations--such as USITT, newfangled theatre company, and TBD Comedy--provide students with the opportunity to challenge themselves to stretch in new directions and reach new heights.

Come see us at Theatre NDSU and find out if NDSU can be your theatre home.

Hardy Koenig
Theatre Department Head/ Associate Professor of Theatre
North Dakota State University

"I'm interested in learning more about majoring in theatre!"

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