Prospective Students

Welcome! We are happy you are looking into Theatre NDSU. Our students choose to study theatre for many different reasons. Some of them want to become theatre professionals and choose our BFA professional theatre degree track in Musical Theatre or Performance or Design Technology. The BFA or Bachelor of Fine Arts is a professionally–oriented degree that places primary emphasis on performance and studio activity and requires a high level of involvement in the academic curriculum.

We also have a strong Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree. Some students choose this path if they want to be theatre educators, directors or dramaturges, or want to continue to work in closely-related fields in the entertainment industry. Whatever your chosen path, we have the resources to help you delve deeply into the subject you love and support you in making your own way in sharing your passion with your communities and society. No matter what your career plans may be, Theatre NDSU will prepare you with a rich foundation in theatre as well as skills in communication, collaboration, leadership, and creative problem solving, all skills needed in many different jobs in many walks of life.

Few strictly undergraduate programs have such a wealth of expertise to offer their students while still being so open and welcoming. Our department at NDSU offers a production environment modeled on the professional theatre world but focused on the undergraduate student.  Our student organizations--such as USITT, newfangled theatre company, and TBD Comedy--provide students with the opportunity to challenge themselves to stretch in new directions and reach new heights.

Come see us at Theatre NDSU and find out if NDSU can be your theatre home.

Mark Engler
Theatre Department Head/Associate Professor of Theatre
North Dakota State University

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  1. Apply to the university through the Office of Admission. This will help guarantee that you have completed all of the paperwork that will allow you to eventually apply to be a Theatre major. Through Admissions, you will be connected with the Department of Theatre to meet with our Associate Director of Recruiting, Associate Professor Tiffany Fier, during a scheduled orientation day, when possible.
  2. Send Associate Professor Tiffany Fier an email (noting specifically what you want to do).
  3. Explore the offerings our program has so, when we meet with you on your visit, we can get you started on the right path for you. You can download information about each program area: BA/BS Generalist; BFA Musical Theatre; BFA Performance; BFA Design/Tech.
  4. Associate Professor Tiffany Fier is eager to answer your questions. You may e-mail her at

All students, regardless of particular interest, will have about ten minutes to talk with the theatre faculty about their interests in theatre, what theatre they have pursued thus far, and where they hope a theatre degree will take them in their life. It is an opportunity for the faculty to get to know students and also for students to get to know us as well. Please feel free to bring questions about our program, about us, and about theatre! We want our students to be happy in their careers here pursuing theatre at NDSU!

In addition to the informal portion mentioned above, please prepare the following based on area of interest:

  • Acting: 1 minute (memorized) monologue (please adhere to requested time allotted)
  • Musical Theatre: 1 minute (memorized) monologue, full length musical theatre piece (an accompanist will be provided, a capella pieces will not considered)
  • Design/Technical: Portfolio Review: Designers, technicians, and stage managers should present examples of work in the form of photographs, prompt-scripts, slides, and/or drawings of productions on which you have worked. Examples of related skills (painting, drawing, sewing, handwork, woodworking, etc.) are also helpful. Please plan on this part of your presentation approximately 3 minutes.

Students should send their application prior to their audition/interview, but also bring a copy of the application, unofficial high school transcript, and resume to the audition/interview.

To schedule an audition or interview, contact the Theatre Office at 701.231.8725 or

PLEASE NOTE: Auditions or interviews are not finalized until your scholarship application has been submitted.

You will need to bring the following:

  • A copy of your High School Transcript
  • A resume with programs or work sample if applicable
  • At least one letter of recommendation

First, apply to be a student through the Office of Admission.

To be admitted as a Theatre major at NDSU, you must meet the university requirements.
The guidelines for admission to NDSU include:

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • 21 ACT or 970 SAT score
  • College preparatory courses (core classes)
    • 4 years of English
    • 3 years of Math (Algebra I or higher)
    • 3 years of Lab Science
    • 3 years of Social Science

As an incoming Theatre major it is important for you to take the following courses the first semester:

  • THEA 270 (Stagecraft)
  • THEA 271 (Costume Craft)
  • THEA 161 (Acting I – Performance Majors) or THEA 272 (Drawing for the Stage – Design/Tech Majors) within your first year