Murphy Anderson, MPH

Vaccine Communications Project Manager
NDSU Center for Immunization Research and Education


I am from Fargo, ND. I went to Penn State for my undergrad and studied political science, gender studies, and Spanish. Before my current role at NDSU Center for Immunization Research and Education, I worked in philanthropy and various communications roles.

NDSU Specialization 

Community Health Sciences; Certificate in Infectious Disease Prevention

How did the NDSU MPH prepare you for the workforce? 

Through the NDSU MPH program, I learned foundational skills in several areas, including epidemiology, intervention design, and infectious disease. I always knew I wanted a career in communications, but the MPH program solidified that health communications was the right professional space for me. The program pushed my boundaries for what I thought I could learn, do, and be.

Current position

Vaccine Communications Project Manager at NDSU Center for Immunization Research and Education

How are you impacting the health of your region? 

I develop, implement and lead effective messages and communication strategies that garner vaccine acceptance throughout the state of North Dakota.



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