Scholarship Information

Public Health Scholarship Information

  • Public Health Scholarship (amount varies) Students must be enrolled as a full time student at NDSU and be pursuing a major within the Department of Public Health.
  • Dean’s Scholarship (approximately $1,000) High scholastic standing; extracurricular involvement; leadership skills demonstrated
  • Endowed Scholarship in American Indian Public Health (four awards at $10,000 each) Two-year commitment to American Indian-serving health program following graduation; demonstrated financial need; preference for students of American Indian or Alaska Native descent
  • Gilsdorf Public Health Scholarship Endowment (approximately $2,500) Full- or part-time graduate Master of Public Health student
  • Chelsey Matter Public Health Scholarship (approximately $1,000) Full-time student; preference for student who plans to pursue career in North Dakota or Minnesota
  • Donald and Joan Miller Scholarship (approximately $1,000) Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Public Health dual degree program or community health sciences track
  • RADM (Ret.) (1970) and Mrs. Fred Paavola Master of Public Health Scholarship (approximately $3,000) U.S. citizen; meets any of the following: (1) Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Public Health dual degree student, (2) community health sciences Master of Public Health and pharmacy student or pharmacist or (3) commissioned officer in U.S. Public Health Service

Financial Need

To be eligible for scholarships with financial need, you must complete the FAFSA application to be considered for the award. FAFSA information is available on the One Stop page at

Links for Scholarship Applications

College of Health and Human Sciences page under “Scholarship” - 

One Stop -

How to Apply

  • Sign in with NDSU username and password
  • Once signed in, you can navigate through two tabs at the top – “Applications” and “Opportunities”
  • The “Application” tab takes you to the general application. Simply finish and submit or save and edit. Tip: Not all questions are required to complete but
  • it is to your benefit to complete all of them.
  • The “Opportunities” tab is where you can view the opportunities or scholarships available. Tip: Use the filter feature on the right side of the
  • screen to narrow the number of opportunities. You can filter by “scope” or department - choose “Department of Public Health” to see the
  • scholarships for public health students.
  • Clicking on a specific opportunity allows you to see a description, award amount in some cases, deadline and if additional information is required.
  • The general application can be completed any time during the academic year and must be completed before you are eligible for public health-specific scholarships. The opportunities listed above are available the first week of April.
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