Foundational Curriculum

All students who successfully complete the Master of Public Health program must complete at least 18 credits within an area of specialization. Where the foundational courses are designed to focus on core theoretical competencies used in all areas of public health, the specializations focus on applications of these competencies within specific public health practice areas. 

Below are 20 credits of foundational courses required and available through distance education.

  • PH 704, Public Health Management and Policy, 3 credits
  • PH 712, Public Health Research Methods, 3 credits
  • PH 731, Biostatistics, 3 credits
  • PH 741, Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health, 3 credits
  • PH 706, Essentials in Epidemiology, 3 credits
  • PH 720, Environmental Health for Public Health Professionals, 2 credits
  • PH 745, Community Health Leadership, 3 credits
PH 794, Applied Practice Experience (APE)/Practicum, 3 credits

Concepts and competencies learned from MPH coursework are integrated through a minimum of 240 hours practicum that provides an opportunity to apply knowledge in a practice setting. A wide range of settings and opportunities are available and are individually tailored to assure competence in general MPH and specialization-specific skills. The practicum is designed to meet student goals, specialization criteria, and the needs of the agencies or institutions involved.   Most full-time students complete the practicum in the summer between the first and second academic years.  However, students are eligible to register for the practicum after they have successfully completed 18 credits.  

Students cannot receive credit for past work experience. Practicum Agreement submission deadlines are the date that online registration opens in Campus Connection for the next semester. 

PH 789, Integrated Learning Experience (ILE), 1 credit

Students must complete a scholarly, analytical paper related to public health, in accordance with each institutions’ graduate school standards.  All work must be approved in advance by the advisor.  Students will be assigned an advisor with whom the students will work and who will be responsible for grading student work/progress. 

Specializations (minimum 18 credits) 

Total = 42 credits

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