Assistant to the Hall Director Position Overview

The Assistant to the Hall Director (AHD) position is designed for students who have previous Residence Life experience as a Resident Assistant and want to expand their experience in Residence Life. The AHD provides direct support and assistance to the Hall Director with administrative responsibilities, staff supervision and development, and other individualized experiences. The AHD position is considered to be approximately a 20-hour per week position. The AHD position would be ideal for students who are interested in continuing their education and experiences for a future career in student affairs.

2024-2025 AHD Position Description

Who can be an AHD?

Any student (undergrad or graduate) who has completed at least one year at NDSU, has previous experience as an RA, and has at least a cumulative and semester GPA of 2.5. Students needing credit-bearing internships, practicums, or student teaching beyond 15 hours a week may not be an AHD.

  1. A stipend minimally valued at $5,486.00over the course of the academic year.
  2. AHDs are required to have a residence hall license agreement or on-campus apartment lease on file and sign up for a minimum of a 100-meal block plan per semester through NDSU Dining.
    • A scholarship valued at $1,275/semester to cover the cost of a 170-block meal plan is provided.
    • A scholarship to cover the actual cost of housing, up to the full value of a student staff room, currently valued at $2,350/semester.
      • If the housing assignment chosen by the staff member exceeds $2,350/semester, the staff member will be responsible for the remaining balance.

Apps Closed


If you have questions about the position or the application process, please contact Brooks Hetle at (701)231-7557 or

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