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The Carrington Research Extension Center is recruiting for the following positions. Position descriptions, minimum and preferred qualifications and application information is available at the links provided.

CREC Livestock Research Technician - Responsible to participate in research trials involving beef cattle including data and sample collection, diet formulation, feeding management, and animal husbandry.

CREC Extension Cropping Systems Specialist - Responsible to develop and implement Extension programming related to field crop production in central North Dakota.

CREC Livestock Research Specialist - Responsible to assist in the development, implementation, and reporting of the livestock research program.

CREC Foundation Seedstocks Technician - Responsible to assist in seed production, cleaning and distribution and equipment repair.

CREC Agronomy Research Specialist - Responsibilities include field trial establishment and maintenance, field equipment operation, pesticide applications, data collection and analysis, and coordination of field activities within a team. 

CREC Agronomy Research Technician - Responsible for assisting researchers in conducting field crops research and facility upkeep. The position requires diverse skills with major responsibilities to include field research trial implementation and management, equipment operation and maintenance, building maintenance, and laboratory duties.

CREC Organic Cropping Systems Agronomist- Responsible for development, implementation, and reporting of research activities associated with the organic field research program.

CREC Precision Agriculture Specialist - A joint appointment with 60% research and 40% Extension responsibilities. Research responsibilities include being the lead investigator for developing, implementing, and reporting the outcomes of projects focused on the precision agriculture research program at the Center. Extension responsibilities include developing an innovative Extension program that provides needs assessment, educational program planning and development, delivery of precision agriculture educational material, and program evaluation.