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A group of black cattle and brown cattle, accompanied by a person on a brown horse, stand in a field of low, tan grass. In the background there is a green corn field and further back a line of buttes.

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture has initiated a project to create more interest amongst farmers and ranchers to utilize cover crops as part of an integrated crop-livestock system that maximizes land use and promotes soil health. This project is in cooperation with North Dakota State University and the North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition.

We are seeking producers and researchers who will participate in developing short videos to help other producers as they develop their own management plans. We invite you to provide us with names of anyone who might be able to share their experiences with others. Please contact Chuck Fleming, Livestock Development Coordinator at the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. He can be reached at 701-222-3531 or We have 6 video cameras with personnel stationed throughout the state that are available for filming.

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