Dickinson Research Extension Center

Mailing address:

1041 State Ave
Dickinson, ND 58601
United States

Name Position Email Phone
Augustin, Chris Director, Dickinson REC chris.augustin@ndsu.edu
Heidecker, Cristin Administrative Secretary cristin.heidecker@ndsu.edu
Landblom, Douglas Associate Research Extension Center Specialist douglas.landblom@ndsu.edu
Manske, Llewellyn Scientist of Rangeland Research Llewellyn.Manske@ndsu.edu
Martin, Glenn Research Specialist Glenn.Martin@ndsu.edu
Nelson, Dean Ag Research Technician Dean.H.Nelson@ndsu.edu
Okland, Phyllis Administrative Assistant phyllis.okland@ndsu.edu
Olorunkoya, Samuel Ag Research Tech samuel.olorunkoya@ndsu.edu
Ottmar, Garry Livestock Research Specialist Garry.Ottmar@ndsu.edu
Ottmar, Wanda Research Technician Wanda.Ottmar@ndsu.edu
Schneider, Sheryl Information Processing Specialist sheryl.schneider@ndsu.edu
Strode, Michael Computer Technician Michael.Strode@ndsu.edu
Tisor, Lee Research Specialist Lee.Tisor@ndsu.edu
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