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Build a Home Pollinator Garden

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NDSU Extension Master Gardener Program is encouraging homeowners to build new pollinator gardens or transform their existing garden by adding pollinator plants. Your garden can be become a colorful oasis and nourish our bees and butterflies. You are eligible if you reside in North Dakota, Minnesota,South Dakota, or Montana and meet the guidelines in the application.

Click hereto open the short application in a new window. You'll need to know the approximate square footage or your garden(s) and which native plants from our lists are growing during spring, summer, and fall.

Our Impact

In the first year, 2016, NDSU Extension Master Gardener received 50 applications and awarded 50 home pollinator signs, designating 143,259 square feet of MN, ND, and SD pollinator insect friendly! Since then, we've sent an additional 70 signs to MN, MT, ND, and SD totaling over 4,406,800 square feet (over 100 acres)!

Take a virtual tour of home gardens by clicking on the house icons. If photos are available, you can click on the picture to flip through the photos. Locate public sites to visit by clicking on the flower icons. Other public gardens can be viewed here.

Certified Home Pollinator Gardens

Visit our Demonstration Pollinator Gardens!

Beginning in the spring of 2016, NDSU Extension Master Gardener awarded 16 groups of Master Gardeners across the state $500 grants for cultivating pollinator gardens. Master Gardeners, with help of NDSU Extension County Agents and permission from several localities from public parks to hospitals to zoos, have since planted 24 pollinator gardens across our state. The goal of these gardens is threefold: to teach through outreach, to beautify our communities, and to create safe havens for our pollinator insects such as bees and butterflies.

Are you interested in a learning experience for your group in one of our gardens?

Contact us at 701.231.7971 for more information.

Do you live near one of our funded gardens?

We hope that you'll visit our gardens and take photos! Please, upload your photos to your flickr account and use the hashtag  #NDEMGPollinators to share your photos with us and others.

Pollinator Demonstration Gardens