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The Dirt Newsletter


NDSU Extension Master Gardeners have appointed a committee to design, edit, and distribute "The Dirt," our newsletter. Many thanks go to our committed team of university-trained EMG Volunteers for researching, performing trials, and submitting high-quality articles based on findings in a beautiful format. We hope you find the content helpful!


Vol. 6, No.2: Gardening in Drought; Turf and Drought; Fungus Gnat; Good Friday Potatoes; Pollinator Push-Back; Elms; Plants and Pets; Rhubarb

Volume 6, No. 1: MG Program; Warm Winter; Hydrophobic Soils; Supporting Zoos; Botanical Refresher; Houseplants' Benefits; Japanese Gardens by guest writer Anne Blankenship; Water Stains; Gardening Research


Volume 5, No. 3: Fall Transplant; Winter Carrots; Cover Crops; Growing Garlic; Plant Blindness; Botanical Refresher; 2020 Roundup; Lasagna Method; Chinese Gardens by guest writer Anne Blankenship; Slugs

Volume 5, No. 2: Onions; Spuds; Butternut Squash; Pandemic Gardening; New Gardener Q&A; New Resources; Book Review; Botanical Refresher; Food Pantries

Volume 5, No. 1: Succulents; Lighting; Begonias; Botanical Refresher; Bird Houses; Herbal Tea; Native Prairie by guest writer Tamara Metzen.


Volume 4, No. 3: Painting with Soil; Gardening with Dogs; Using Photos/Design; Hobby Greenhouse (part II) by guest writer Barbara Garceau; Food Preservation; Immigrant Amaryllis; Garden Terms

Volume 4, No. 2: Tree-form Shrubs; Dig In! Podcasts; Hobby Greenhouse by guest writer Barbara Garceau; Blue Hydrangeas; Water Features; Botanical Refresher; Green Gym

Volume 4, No. 1: Water Garden with guest contributors Peg Boe, Kathleen Wiese; Hardy Hibiscus; Plant a Tree; Nourishing a Community; Diabetes Prevention; MG News; Botanical Refresher; Garden Center by guest author Allyson Burcham, S&S Landscaping; Rice Hulls; Horticultural Events


Volume 3, No. 4: Butterfly; Facebook; Master Gardener Awards and Conference; Palmer Amaranth; Vermicomposting; Overwintering Mandevilla; Dehydrating Fruits; Tropical ND

Volume 3, No. 3: Better Varieties; Plant a Tree; Gardening for Wildlife; Botanical Dictionary; IPG Cacti and Succulents; ND Heirloom Beans; Ornamental Grasses

Volume 3, No. 2: Forcing Spring Bulbs; Seed Catalogs; Plants for Cleaner Air; Growing Herbs Indoors; Powdery Mildew on Peonies; Veggies for the Pantry; Garden Terms

Volume 3, No. 1: Ease Drought's Effects; Emerald Ash Borer; Wild Horseradish; From the bookshelf: Successful Gardening on the Norther Prairie; MG Awards Ceremony; Botanical Terms; Growing Garlic; Native Garden Update


Volume 2, No. 4: MG Diagnosticians; Purple Potatoes; Palmer Amaranth; MG Directory; Garden Terms Update

Volume 2, No. 3: Not So Dear Deer; Xeriscaping; No-till Gardening; Theme Gardens; Garden Art; Rose rosette virus; MG Stakeholder Advisory Council; Spring and summer shows

Volume 2, No. 2: MG Update for 2017; Growing Hops; G.R.O.W.; Theme Gardens; Recognizing and Controlling Spotted Wing Drosophila in Raspberries

Volume 2, No. 1: Master Gardener Standards; Fall Gardening; Canning Info by guest writer Julie Garden-Robinson; Saved for Another Season; Weeds: Band of Gardeners; Gardeners Gone Wild! recap; Chahinkapa Zoo Volunteer Day; We Shall Not Sleep, Though Poppies Grow by guest writer Danielle Stuckle; Experience with Native Plants


Volume 1, No. 4: Tools; Soil Testing; Home Garden Trials; Petunia Baskets; High Tunnel; Guest Column by Hal Rosenheim; Shelter Belts; How to Start a Garden Club by guest writer Barbara Keyes

Volume 1, No. 3: Winter Gardens; Master Gardener banquet; Western Prairie Fringed Orchid; Growing Together; Spring and Summer Shows

Volume 1, No. 2: Prunus virginiana: Chokecherry; International Master Gardener Conference; Fall Leaves; From the Bookshelf: My Father's Garden; Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; Colorado's Great Gardens; Lasagna Gardening; Prairie Grasslands

Volume 1, No. 1: The Wild Prairie Rose; Fernleaf Peony; Basil Downy Mildew; Bismarck Community Orchard; Drip Irrigation