Research Interests

Wetlands, wetland restoration, geobiochemical cycle, multi-elements, hydrological connectivity, hydrobiology, lake eutrophication, harmful algae bloom.

Recent Publications

Zhu, X., Yuan, Y., Jiang, M., Song, C., Li, Y., Wang, G., Otte, M. L. (2021). Multi-element fingerprinting of soils can reveal conversion of wetlands to croplands. Sciences of The Total Environment, 141997. (corresponding author)

Yuan, Y., Zhu, X., Mushet, D. M., Otte, M. L. (2019). Multi-element fingerprinting of waters to evaluate connectivity among depressional wetlands. Ecological indicators, 97: 398-409.

Zhu, X., Yuan, Y., Mushet, D. M., Otte, M. L. (2019). Can multi-element fingerprinting of soils inform assessments of chemical connectivity between depressional wetlands?. Wetlands: 1-13. (corresponding author)

Wang, G., Otte, M. L., Jiang, M., Wang, M., Yuan, Y., Xue, Z. (2019). Does the element composition of soils of restored wetlands resemble natural wetlands?. Geoderma, 351: 174-179.

Yuan YX, Jiang M, Liu XT, Yu HX, Marinus LO, Ma CX, Young GH (2018). Environmental variables influencing phytoplankton communities in hydrologically connected aquatic habitats in the Lake Xingkai basin. Ecological indicators, 91: 1-12.

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