2023-2025 Biennial Budget

NDSU has prepared a needs-based budget, as approved and directed by the ND State Board of Higher Education along with other priorities for consideration.

Priorities Request

1. HE Funding Formula: Minimum amount payable (Hold Harmless) | $2,054,479 - $7,591,732

  • Permanent restoration of the minimum amount payable NDCC15-18.2-06; slows funding decreases as credit production drops. Provides additional time for strategic planning and efficient reduction of fixed operational costs.

2. HE Funding Formula: Inflationary increase adjustment

  • Provide a permanent salary increase adjustment for the student share of 2023-25 compensation package increase. College affordability is a significant factor in recruiting ND students and recruiting out-of-state students.
  • Provide permanent operating increase adjustment from general funds.

3. IT Network Infrastructure | $3,201,100

  • Request for base general funds for including network infrastructure funding, research and education network resources for Internet2 connectivity, Computational Research, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

4. Behavioral Health Initiative | $1,100,000

  • Provides for additional services, to meet the student demand for outreach and prevention efforts to ensure the well-being for campus students.


Capital Project Request

1. Priority — Engineering Project | $111,600,000

  • General Funds: $83,700,000
  • Special Funds: $27,900,000


Capital Project Authorization Request - Special Funds
  • Music Building Addition/Renovation | $20,000,000
  • Sudro Hall Small Animal Research Facility Expansion and Renovation | $3,000,000


Additional Priorities
  • Challenge Grant funding — increased pool amount, providing equal amounts to NDSU, UND.
  • Capital Building Fund eliminate the proposed revisions by the Interim HE Committee — for private funding match (30%), continue to allow use for academic and auxiliary type buildings with Tier funds.
  • Legacy Fund Research Initiative —to create permanent research funding to advance competitive initiatives
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