Participating Faculty, Departments, and Research Areas

College of Arts & Sciences

Biological Sciences
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Chris Colbert [email/website] - structure biology with a focus on the biochemistry of proteins involved in iron import and utilization
  • Stuart Haring [email] - genome maintenance through cellular DNA duplication (replication) and mutation prevention (repair and cell cycle regulation)
  • Kent Rodgers [email] - inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry
  • Sangita Sinha [email/website] - biochemistry and structural biology of host-pathogen interactions
  • John Wilkinson [email] - cancer cell metabolism, cell death pathways, mitochondrial gene expression, and animal models of tumorigenesis
Coatings & Polymeric Materials

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, & Natural Resources

Animal Sciences
  • Carl Dahlen [email] - applied reproductive physiology and systems that control estrous cycles to facilitate artificial insemination and embryo transfer
  • Lauren Hanna [email/website] - quantitative genetics, animal breeding, and whole system approaches to genomic associations of quantitative traits
  • Larry Reynolds [email] - nutrition and pregnancy in ruminants
  • Kendall Swanson [email] - ruminant nutrition, energy metabolism, protein metabolism, pancreatic function, and beef cattle production
Microbiological Sciences
Plant Sciences

College of Health and Human Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Ang Guo [email] - molecular and cellular mechanisms of cardiovascular disease
  • Yagna Jarajapu [email] - bone marrow dysfunction and vascular repair in diabetes, ACE2-Angiotensin-(1-7)/Mas receptor pathway in bone marrow cells, and regulation of bone marrow mobilization by leptin
  • Estelle Leclerc [email] - melanoma, pancreatic cancer; monoclonal antibodies as diagnostic and therapeutic agents; mechanism of RAGE signaling
  • Kristine Steffan [email] - biology of obesity and post-bariatric outcomes; gastrointestinal microbiome research
  • Chengwen Sun [email] - blood pressure regulation and cell signaling
  • Sathish Venkatachalem [email] - pulmonary physiology and pharmacology
  • Steffan Vetter [email] - development of small molecules and peptides for the modulation of Receptor for Advanced Glycation Endproducts (RAGE) in disease states

College of Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering
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