Julia Bowsher

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Biological Sciences
Email:  julia.bowsher@ndsu.edu
Phone:  (701) 231-7072 (voice mail only)
Office:  Stevens 201B
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Research Interests

The evolution and development of insect morphology with a focus on novel structures. Evolvability and co-option of gene networks. Developmental basis of parallel evolution.

Recent Publications

Slater, G. P., Yocum, G. D., Bowsher, J. H. Diet quantity influences caste determination in honey bees (Apis mellifera). Proceedings of the Royal Society. 287(1927) DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2020.0614  

Wilson, E. S., Murphy, C. E., Rinehart, J. P., Yocum, G. D., Bowsher, J., H. (2020) Microclimate temperatures impact nesting preference in Megachile rotundata. Environmental Entomology.49(2), 296–303.  DOI:10.1093/ee/nvaa012

Melicher, D., Torson, A. S., Anderson, T. J., Yocum, G. D., Rinehart, J. P., Bowsher, J. H. (2019). Immediate Transcriptional Response to a Temperature Pulse under a Fluctuating Thermal Regime. Integrative and comparative biology, 59(2), 320-337. DOI: 10.1093/icb/icz096.  

Torson, A. S., Yocum, G. D., Rinehart, J. P., Nash, S. A., Bowsher, J. H. (2019). Fluctuating thermal regimes prevent chill injury but do not change patterns of oxidative stress in the alfalfa leafcutting bee, Megachile rotundata. Journal of insect physiology, 118, 103935. DOI: 10.1016/j.jinsphys.2019.103935.  

Yocum, G. D., Rinehart, J. P., Rajamohan, A., Bowsher, J. H., Yeater, K. M., Greenlee, K. (2019). Thermoprofile Parameters Affect Survival of Megachile rotundata During Exposure to Low-Temperatures. Integrative and comparative biology, 59(4), 1089-1102. DOI: 10.1093/icb/icz126.  

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