Matthew Smith

Associate Professor of Practice
Department of Biological Sciences
Phone:  Email Only
Office:  Stevens 119
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Research Interests

Patterns of phenotypic variation in natural populations, how such patterns can be used to infer the evolutionary history of the organisms, and inform management decisions based on this knowledge; understanding adaptations that permit organisms to subsist within a constantly changing environment.

Recent Publications

Smith, M.T. 2020. NDND Camp Grafton South & Camp Grafton Norther Amphibian and Reptiles Surveys Final Report. (pp. 16). North Dakota National Guard.

Smith, M.T. 2016. State Wildlife Grant Final Report (T-44-R): Amphibian and reptile surveys of southeastern North Dakota. (pp. 92). North Dakota Game and Fish.

Smith, M.T. 2014. Induction of phenotypic plasticity in rattlesnake trophic morphology by diet manipulation. Journal of Morphology. 275(12): 1339-1348.

Smith, M.T., J. Ortega, and S. Beaupre 2014. Metabolic response to venom expenditure by Prairie Rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis viridis). Toxicon 86:1-7

Smith, M.T., and M.L. Collyer. 2008. Regional variation and sexual dimorphism in head form of the prairie rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis viridis): Comparisons using new analytical and collection methods. In W.K. Hayes, K.R. Beaman, M.D. Caldwell, and S.P. Bush, (eds.), The Biology of the Rattlesnakes, pp. 79-90.  Loma Linda University Press, California.

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