Laura Aldrich-Wolfe

Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Phone: Email Only
Office:  Stevens 318
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Research Interests

The roles of mycorrhizas in natural and managed ecosystems. Drivers and functions of community composition in the rhizosphere. Maintenance and restoration of diversity in tropical forests and temperate grasslands.

Recent Publications

Aldrich-Wolfe, L., K. L. Black, E. D. L. Hartmann, W. G. Shivega, L. C. Schmaltz, R. D. McGlynn, P. G. Johnson, R. J. Asheim Keller, and S. N. Vink. 2020. Taxonomic shifts in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities with shade and soil nitrogen across conventionally managed and organic coffee agroecosystems. Mycorrhiza (DOI)10.1007/s00572-020-00967-7

Sternhagen, E. C., K. L. Black, E. D. L. Hartmann, W. G. Shivega, P. G. Johnson, R. D. McGlynn, L. C. Schmaltz, R. J. Asheim Keller, S. N. Vink, and L. Aldrich-Wolfe. 2020. Contrasting patterns of functional diversity in coffee root fungal communities associated with organic and conventionally managed fields. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 86(11). (DOI)10.1128/AEM.00052-20

Bachelot, B., A. M. Alonso-Rodríguez, L. Aldrich-Wolfe, M. A. Cavaleri, S. C. Reed, T. E. Wood. 2020. Altered climate leads to positive density-dependent feedbacks in a tropical rainforest. Global Change Biology 26(6):3417-3428. (DOI)10.1111/gcb.15087

Bueno, C. G., L. Aldrich-Wolfe, V. B. Chaudhary, M. Gerz, T. Helgason, J. D. Hoeksema, J. Klironomos, Y. Lekberg, D. Leon, H. Maherali, M. Öpik, M. Zobel, and M. Moora. 2019. Misdiagnosis and uncritical use of plant mycorrhizal data are not the only elephants in the room: A response to Brundrett & Tedersoo (2018) ‘Misdiagnosis of mycorrhizas and inappropriate recycling of data can lead to false conclusions’. New Phytologist(DOI): 10.1111/nph.15976

Shivega, W. G., and L. Aldrich-Wolfe. 2017. Native plants fare better against an introduced competitor with native soil microbes and lower nitrogen availability. AoB PLANTS 9(1).

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