Page Klug

Research Wildlife Biologist and Project Leader
North Dakota Field Station
USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services National Wildlife Research Center
Phone:  701-231-5190
Office:  Stevens 228
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Research Interests

Methods development and population biology of blackbirds and starlings in conflict with agriculture, concentrated animal feeding operations, and urban environments. My main focus is managing the conflict between sunflower producers and birds with methods including frightening devices, wildlife repellents, wetland management, and decoy crops. Optimization of methods takes into account blackbird biology and the influence of landscape at multiple biological levels and geographic scales.

Recent Publications

Klug PE, AA Yackel Adams, RN Reed. 2021. Olfactory lures in predator control do not increase predation risk to birds in areas of conservation concern. Wildlife Research (Accepted with revisions, submitted).

Stonefish D., MA Eshleman, GM Linz, HJ Homan, PE Klug, TJ Greives, EH Gillam. 2021. Migration routes and wintering areas of male Red-winged Blackbirds as determined using geolocators. Journal of Field Ornithology (In press).

Sausse C, A Baux, M Bertrand, E Bonnaud, S Canavelli, A Destrez, PE Klug, L Olivera, E Rodriguez, G Tellechea, S Zuil. 2021. Contemporary challenges and opportunities for the management of bird damage a field crop establishment Crop Protection 148:105736.

Klug PE, AA Yackel Adams, SR Siers, KM Brindock, SM Mosher, MJ Mazurek, WC Pitt, RN Reed. 2021. Locally abundant, endangered Mariana swiftlets impact the abundance, behavior, and body condition of an invasive predator. Oecologia 195:1083-1097.

Werrell AK, PE Klug, RN Lipcius, JP Swaddle, J.P., 2021. A Sonic Net reduces damage to sunflower by blackbirds (Icteridae): implications for broad-scale agriculture and crop establishment. Crop Protection 144:105579.

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