Add Content to Pages

  1. Using the Page module, select the page where you will add content
  2. Click one of the  Create new content element buttons on the page
    1. If you click the  Create new content element button at the top of the page, you will be prompted later to select a location for the content element
    2. If you click the  Create new record button in a column, the new content element will be automatically positioned after the place you clicked
  3. Select a content type, often Regular text element
  4. If prompted, select a position for the content element in the page by clicking one of the arrow position indicators
  5. In the General tab, type a heading for the content element in the Header field.  Optionally select a header type from the Type drop-down menu if the header should be hidden or displayed in a different heading level
  6. Author content in the rich text editor. CMS uses a WYSIWYG editor
  7. Save and close when you're done authoring
  8. Send to review or publish
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