Dr. Shuning Lu

Assistant Professor
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Office: Minard 338-C22
Phone: (701) 231-5266
Shuning Lu's CV

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2019
M.A., Fudan University, 2013
B.A., Fudan University, 2010

Research Overview: As a journalism and mass communication scholar, my research revolves around news use & its effects and political communication. I primarily draw on quantitative methods, including, but not limited to, survey, experiment, content analysis, and network analysis.

Currently, I am pursuing three lines of research. In response to the shifting nature of news consumption on social media, the first line of my work aims to understand the social and psychological mechanisms of news engagement behavior, such as sharing and commenting. Related to that, my second line of research seeks to unpack the role of online incivility, particularly uncivil news comments, in engendering political outcomes. The last line of my work looks at how digital media technologies reshape the civic landscape in China, especially the potentials and pitfalls to afford public dialogues and citizen participation on different social and political issues.

Teaching Overview: I teach media writing and broadcast production at the undergraduate level and quantitative research methods at the graduate level. As my classes involve developing and harnessing skill sets in both journalistic and academic settings, I believe in “learning by doing” and take a hands-on approach to teaching my students. Students in my classes can apply what they have learned to news reporting in the newsroom or data collection and analysis of their research projects. I also strive to provide my students with a collaborative learning environment, which allows them to develop their interpersonal skills, share strengths with, and gain support from each other.

2023 Teaching

  • COMM 245: Introduction to Video Production
  • COMM 310: Advanced Media Writing
  • COMM 445: Advanced Video Production
  • COMM 465: Convergence Media




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