Our faculty actively pursue research in numerous areas which they use to enrich their teaching.

At North Dakota State University, upper division computer science courses required for the bachelor's degree are typically taught  by our regular faculty, all of whom hold a doctoral degree. Lower division courses are taught primarily by dedicated instructors and professors of practice whose primary focus is on undergraduate instruction. As an undergraduate student, you have access to a professional advisor to help plan your academic program to meet your academic and career goals and for help in choosing electives in your particular area of interest.

Faculty actively pursue research in numerous areas of computer science which they use to enrich their teaching. Active research areas for faculty include additive manufacturing, algorithm analysis, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, cloud computing, computational biology, cyber security, data mining, databases, educational technology and media, fuzzy reasoning, genomics, human computer interaction, large-scale distributed systems, mobile computing, robotics, semantic web technologies, sensor networks, software engineering, social networks, swarm intelligence, and the smart grid. 

In addition to the formal classroom education, faculty involve both graduate and undergraduate students in their research and support extracurricular activities including student-driven research and computing, robotics, and other competitions. 

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