Undergraduate Programs

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here!

Welcome, Computer Science undergraduates!  These past several decades have seen tremendous progress in the field of computer science which has led to a great demand not only within the field but in other fields as well. NDSU’s Computer Science Department, offering courses since 1973, has a well-established reputation for excellence and employers continually recruit for internships, co-ops, and full-time jobs.

Start off on the right foot.

Your academic success is our top priority. As an undergraduate student, one of the most important first steps you can take is developing a plan of study. A computer science advisor will be assigned to you and help you prepare long-range plans based on curriculum guidelines, with special emphasis on credit loads and course sequencing. It is strongly encouraged to take advantage of all academic advising resources for optimum experiences and success.

A variety of paths for a variety of students.

Our curriculum provides a broad, practical base for a career in computing while also offering an opportunity for in-depth study of topics like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, computer graphics, operating systems, software engineering and database management systems.

For students with no or very limited computer experience, we offer introductory courses in the standard curriculum for majors. Advanced undergraduate students may have the opportunity to take graduate courses while completing their undergraduate program. An extensive and varied set of elective courses in every aspect of computer science is available as well.

Find a degree that works for you.

The Computer Science department at NDSU offers a variety of programs for undergrads including a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in computer science. In addition, we cooperate with the Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics in offering the opportunity to earn a dual major. Students also may choose courses from related areas, such as business, economics, engineering, mathematics, operations research, and statistics to broaden their program of study. We also offer a minor that combines well with other majors and allows you to pursue your personal interests and enhance your job skills. Top students are encouraged to inquire about the 4+1 program providing a fast track through graduate school resulting in combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Beyond the classroom.

We provide many opportunities for you to apply what you learn in class to the real world. All of our undergraduates participate in an industry-led senior capstone experience where they work in teams on real-life projects. Our student organizations work on cutting-edge technology and compete in and win regional and national competitions.

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