NDSU has hundreds of student organizations to choose from.

Student Oganizations

Computer science students participate in a large number of student organizations and NDSU has hundreds to choose from. Many computer science students participate in the university's chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The ACM has a dedicated meeting area that is a frequent gathering place for undergraduate students. The department also has a student honors society, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, a cybersecurity student organization, and the Students and Technology in Academia, Research and Service program which allows the students to become actively engaged in technology outside the classroom through programming and outreach events. Many students also participate in robotics, gaming, and a variety of other clubs. 

NDSU Association for Computing Machinery

The student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery was established at North Dakota State University in 1974. Since then the organization has been involved with providing services, organizing programming competitions, and offering education and social opportunities for its members. While most of the members are Computer Science students, the ACM also welcomes people in other fields who are interested in technology. Thus our chapter also has students in Mathematics, Engineering, Psychology, and other Sciences.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon

Upsilon Pi Epsilon is an Honor Society whose members are among the most outstanding undergraduate and graduate Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and Software Engineering students at NDSU. UPE holds events for members and students aiming to help them gain the skills and information that will help them both during their time at NDSU and in their continuing professional lives. Members of UPE are encouraged to grow in their understanding of the discipline by mentoring and tutoring newer students. Frequent tech talks sponsored by UPE made by many different types of companies expose NDSU students to many exciting topics outside of the classroom. Company events provide networking opportunities for students to help them get their feet in the door through internships and research opportunities. Scholarships are offered through the UPE organization to members in order to encourage our continuing excellence. The overall mission of Upsilon Pi Epsilon is to recognize academic excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Computing and Information Disciplines.

Cybersecurity Student Organization

The goal of the cybersecurity student organization is to increase knowledge of current cyber security practices among the NDSU Students through exercises, lectures, and by working with community members in the networking and computing professions. The organization will support teams to compete in cybersecurity competitions. It will serve as an excellent opportunity to learn and apply knowledge about security, networking, and administration as well as providing a chance to network with potential employers. 

Other club activities include:

  • Competition in cyber games
  • Workshops in computer and network security 
  • Guest speakers from the professional community 
  • A chance to meet with others that share similar interests during our scheduled meetings
  • Club fundraising and student involvement activities 
  • Opportunities for professional development and career networking 

Cybersecurity Contacts

Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Straub, Assistant Professor jeremy.straub@ndsu.edu 


Additionally, the College of Engineering alone has over 30 student organizations to choose from.


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