Deborah Kvittum

Academic Assistant
QBB 258 - Main Office
(701) 231-8562

  • Assist undergraduate students with prospective student visits, course enrollment processes and forms, as well as questions related to degree completion and graduation
  • Guide current graduate students through processes related to program progress forms, comprehensive exams, proposals/defenses, etc.*

*Questions regarding graduate student admission should be directed to the  NDSU Graduate School.

Samantha Thompson

Business Coordinator
QBB 258 B1
(701) 231-8923 

  • Department HR/Payroll
  • Fund Account Manager
  • Accounts Payable
  • New Employee Paperwork

Jill Stromsborg

Academic & Career Advisor
ECE 101V
(701) 231-5799

Serves as the interim academic advisor for First and Second Year Undergraduate Computer Science majors.

Note: Once a student reaches 60 credits, they may be transitioned to a faculty advisor.  If you have reached a junior/senior status, please check Campus Connection or Navigate for your current advisor assignment. 

Schedule an appointment with Jill

Guy Hokanson

Programmer/Analyst/Systems Administrator 
QBB 258 A20

  • Lab & server management
  • Equipment ordering, maintenance, and tracking
  • Assisting faculty/students with lab access/equipment
  • Software ordering & maintenance
  • Application development

Kathleen Turley Cox

Instructional Designer
QBB 258 A4
(701) 231-8562

  • A3 Lightboard Studio manager
  • Development and production of online courses
  • Website and social media maintainence
  • Instructional and promotional design
  • 2D illustration and interactive motion design
  • 3D modeling and animation 
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