Minor in Computer Science

A Minor in Computer Science requires at least 17 semester hours of Computer Science courses. A minimum of eight credits must be earned in residence at NDSU. Students must declare their minor(s), online through the Major / Minor form found in the forms section, on the Registration and Records website. A grade of C or better is required in all courses applied toward the Computer Science Minor.

Required Courses: 17 credits

Choose one of the following two sequences:

Sequence I

  • CSCI 160 Computer Science I; 4 credits
  • CSCI 161 Computer Science II; 4 credits

Sequence II

  • CSCI 227 Computing Fundamentals I; 3 credits
  • CSCI 161 Computer Science II; 4 credits

Additional Requirement

  • CSCI 213 Modern Software Development; 3 credits

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