List of K-12 Professional Development Classes

Register early for any of these K-12 professional development classes.

List of Classes

Click the Search for Classes button above to view the list of K-12 professional development classes that have been curated to meet NDSU's high quality standards. These professional development classes are offered both online and face to face. Professional development courses may also be offered using a combination of online and face-to-face meetings. The courses listed may be used for teaching license renewal, pay-scale advances, or to continue your learning and earn endorsement credentials in specific content areas. 

All classes listed are at the graduate professional-development level, which means they are graduate level but are not eligible for use on a master's program of study. Be sure to check with your school district or licensing board to be certain these professional development credits are appropriate for your needs.

For more detailed information on everything related to registration and enrollment in these professional development courses, visit our registration page.

Registration Note:

Some browsers work better than others with our course registration system. If you find that you are having trouble completing your registration, try a different browser. If you are still having problems, please contact our office immediately so we can assist you in getting registered.



Offer a Class

If you are currently offering a class for your school or district and would like to attach credit from NDSU, use the offer a class button below to learn how. You may also use the button below if you would like to propose a class for our broader K-12 professional development audience. 


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