Early-Entry Pathways

Guides to help you get started on a degree program while in high school.

Early-Entry Pathways

If you are interested in a degree program at NDSU, you can take early-entry courses to get started on the degree and general education course requirements. All classes listed are offered online and asynchronous, which means you do not have to come to campus and can complete the courses when it is convenient for you.

Select the degree pathway below to get information about courses that apply to that program. Also, select the general education option to get information about general education classes that apply to all degrees at NDSU. 

Please note that the pathways documents listed may not include all classes offered as new online classes are added frequently. Also, new pathways program documents will be added as they are evaluated for early-entry course applicability. 

If you have questions about any of these pathways or the best general education courses to take for your major, contact the NDSU Office of Teaching and Learning by phone at 701-231-7015 or by email at ndsu.dce@ndsu.edu.

General Education Pathway

The pdf below includes a list of available early-entry courses for each general education category. These courses may be used to meet degree requirements as well. We suggest you contact the Office of Teaching and Learning at ndsu.dce@ndsu.edu to determine the best general education courses for your intended major. Some classes may satisfy more than one general education category requirement. With these courses you can complete 33 of the 39 required credits.

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