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Access to Class Notes

Disability Services (DS) provides class notes as an accommodation to eligible students who have a disability that adversely affects their ability to take their own notes.

Class notes provide access to the lecture and are not a substitute for attending classes. Faculty and/or note takers have the right to withhold notes for the class periods students do not attend.

If the student does not follow the class notes policy and procedures, this accommodation may be suspended until the student has talked with the DS case manager and cleared up any difficulties or misunderstandings.
Students approved for note-taking services shall use the following procedures:

Step 1
The student shall inform DS staff about the courses for which he/she will require notes.

Step 2
The student and DS staff shall complete the note taker approval forms.

Step 3

The student shall take the approval forms to the instructor. The instructor will decide how the accommodation will be provided. Options include recruiting a volunteer note taker from class, providing copies of the instructor's lecture notes, or providing copies of Power Point presentations or overheads. When a student is recruited as a note taker, the instructor will make an announcement in class without identifying the student needing notes.  In some circumstances, the student may have the option for a DS staff member to make contact with the instructors for the accommodation request.

Step 4
The instructor is responsible for reviewing the prospective note taker's notes for legibility and content.
NOTE: The instructor shall refer the prospective note taker to DS; this individual will bring the blue note-taker approval form to his/her meeting with DS Accommodations Coordinator.

Step 5
The Accommodations Coordinator shall meet with the prospective note taker to do the following:

  • Complete the volunteer services agreement form, communicate note taker responsibilities and provide instructions for completion of the online note taker training.

Step 6
The note taker will be given the student's name, phone number, and email address to make arrangements for distribution of notes throughout the semester. The student may request the exchange of notes to be through the office of DS.

Step 7
Copies of class notes are provided at no cost to the student or note taker.


  • Request an accommodation to access class notes from DS.
  • Follow the class notes policy and procedures.
  • Attend class regularly. Notes are not a substitute for class attendance.
  • The student is encouraged to work with the provider of class notes to ensure quality of notes and timeliness.
  • Report any unresolved problems (especially those lasting more than one week) to DS immediately so appropriate steps can be taken to correct the situation. DS will not support a request for changing a test or assignment due date based on lack of notes if the problem was not reported within one week.
  • Notify DS immediately if the class is dropped.


  • Determine if class notes are an appropriate accommodation for the student.
  • Provide student with approval forms to give to her/his instructor(s).
  • Consult with instructor(s) when appropriate.
  • Train note takers.


  •  When notified of the requested accommodation, meet with the student and consult about the provision of class notes. Options include:
    •  recruit a volunteer note taker from class - If necessary, make a class announcement to enlist or recruit a note taker. Be sure to respect the anonymity of the student needing notes. If you're unable to enlist a note taker, contact Disability Services immediately 
    • provide copies of the instructor's personal lecture notes.
    • provide copies of Power Point presentations and/or overheads.



  • Meet with the Accommodations Coordinator to complete the volunteer services agreement form.
  • Participate in online training identified by DS.
  • Take notes on the entire lecture, including any directions for class assignments, tests, videos, etc.
  • Provide a readable copy of the notes within an agreed upon time frame.
  • Report any concerns to the professor and/or DS.

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