The Bison Accessibility Portal

Students with disabilities who have registered with the office are expected to request their accommodations for each class through the Bison Accessibility Portal. The Faculty Notification Letters will be e-mailed to you and will explain any needed classroom accommodations. Students should also have a one-on-one discussion with you about how the listed accommodations will work in relation to your class. You should not provide accommodations to students claiming they have a disability without first receiving one of these Faculty Notification Letters.
Professors can also see their student’s accommodations in the Bison Accessibility Portal. In this portal, you can see what students have requested accommodations for your class, see the Faculty Notification Letters for your students, and see some of the information about accommodations for your classes, like if a Notetaker has been assigned for your class. If you are unable to see student data, then no students have requested accommodations for your classes. If a student claims to have a disability and is requesting accommodations, but you have not received a Faculty Notification Letter or do not see them when logging in here, please refer them to our office.

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