Dr. Anastassiya Andrianova

Dr. Anastassiya Andrianova 
Associate Professor of English
PhD Comparative Literature (CUNY, 2011)

Office: Minard 318 E48

Research/Teaching: British Romantic and Victorian literature, drama, translation, pedagogy, Comparative Literature, Slavic literature, Animal Studies, and Postcolonial Studies

Dr. Lisa Arnold

Dr. Lisa Arnold
Associate Professor  
PhD Rhetoric and Composition (University of Louisville, 2011)

Office: Minard 318E32
Phone: 701-231-5097

Research/Teaching: Histories of Writing Instruction, Writing Pedagogy, Writing Program Administration, Multilingual and Transnational Literacy Practices

Sarah Beck

Sarah Beck, MFA
MFA in Creative Writing (Minnesota State University-Moorhead)
Graduate Certificate in Publishing (North Dakota State University)

Office: Minard 316M

Brady Bergeson

Brady Bergeson, MFA
Senior Lecturer
MFA in Creative Writing (Hamline University, 2006)

Office: Minard 316J

Dr. Sean Burt

Dr. Sean Burt
Chair, Department of English, Associate Professor of English and Religious Studies

PhD Religion (Duke University, 2009)

Office: Minard 422A
Phone: 701-231-8820

Research/Teaching: Bible as Literature, Biblical Poetry, Poetics, Aesthetics

Dr. Kelly Cameron

Dr. Kelly Cameron
Senior Lecturer
PhD in Rhetoric and Composition (Texas Christian University)

Office: Minard 316A

Natalie Smith Carlson

Natalie Smith Carlson
Senior Lecturer
MA in English (North Dakota State University)

Office: Minard 316G

Dr. Rebecca Chatham-Vazquez

Dr. Rebecca Chatham-Vazquez

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. English Education (Arizona State University)

Office: Minard 318E46


Ryan Christiansen

Ryan Christiansen, MFA
MFA in Creative Writing (Minnesota State University-Moorhead, 2012)
Graduate Certificate in Publishing (Minnesota State University-Moorhead, 2010)

Office: Minard 316K

Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald

Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald 
Vice President for Research and Creative Activity & Professor of English
PhD Linguistics (University of Arizona, 1997)

Office: Research 1, 110
Phone: 701-231-6542

Research/Teaching: Phonology, Native American languages, Indigenous language revitalization and documentation

Currently not accepting graduate students

Dr. Adam Goldwyn

Dr. Adam Goldwyn
Professor of English

PhD Comparative Literature (CUNY, 2010)

Office: Minard 318H

Research/Teaching: Medieval Literature, Reception Theory, Translation, Byzantine Studies, Byzantine Ecocriticism

Dr. Amy Gore

Dr. Amy Gore
Assistant Professor of English
Ph.D. English Language and Literature (University of New Mexico, 2019)

Office: Minard 318E42

Research/Teaching: Early and Nineteenth-Century American literature, Indigenous literature, book history and print culture, Gothic literature, body studies, and the recovery of marginalized women and Native American writers

Dr. Alison Graham-Bertolini

Dr. Alison Graham-Bertolini
Associate Professor of English & Director of Graduate Studies
PhD English Literature (Louisiana State University, 2009)

Office: Minard 318E44
Phone: 701-231-7175

Research/Teaching: Contemporary American Literature, Gender Studies, Ethnic Literature, Postcolonial Literature, Women's Studies

Jamee Larson

Jamee Larson, MFA
Senior Lecturer
MFA in Creative Writing (Minnesota State University-Moorhead)

Office: Minard 318E52

Deona McEnery

Deona McEnery, MA
Senior Lecturer
MA English Literature (NDSU, 2001)
BA English Writing and Spanish, with a minor Biology (Concordia College, 1994)
AA English, Spanish, Biology (Northland Community College, 1992)

Office: Minard 318E22

Benjamin Melby

Benjamin Melby, MA
Senior Lecturer
MA, English Language and Literature (Indiana University, 2005)
ABD, English Language and Literature (Indiana University, 2007)

Office: Minard 316F

Mary Pull

Mary Pull, MA
Senior Lecturer
English Education Advisor/Associate Director of the Center for Writers

: Library 6
Phone: 701-231-7928

Julie Sandland

Julie Sandland, MA
Senior Lecturer

: Minard 316B
Phone: 701-231-8472

Kaye Temanson

Kaye Temanson, MA
Senior Lecturer

: Minard 316H

Dr. Verena Theile

Dr. Verena Theile
Associate Professor of English

PhD English Literature (Washington State University, 2006)

Office: Minard 318 E40

Research/Teaching: Shakespeare, Early Modern Literature, Renaissance Drama, Witchcraft Studies, European Literature, Literary Theory

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