NDSU's Department of English joined the TAPP network in 2007 and served as the network's hub from then until 2022, with Prof. Bruce Maylath serving as its worldwide coordinator. Prof. Ashleigh Petts (NDSU PhD 2020), assistant professor at the University of Houston—Downtown, has served as worldwide coordinator since August 2022.

By spring 2019, NDSU instructors teaching the following courses had used some form of TAPP's international collaborative projects:​

  • ENGL-120 College Composition II
  • ENGL-320 Business & Professional Writing
  • ENGL-321 Writing in the Technical Professions
  • ENGL-322 Creative Writing I
  • ENGL-324 Writing in the Sciences
  • ENGL-325 Writing in the Health Professions
  • ENGL-326 Writing in the Design Professions
  • ENGL-358 Writing in the Humanities & Soc. Sciences
  • ENGL-449/649 Usability and User Experience 
  • ENGL-455/655 International Technical Writing
  • ENGL-459 Researching and Writing Grants and Proposals
  • ENGL-467 English Studies Capstone Experience 
  • PHRM 324-Writing and Professionalization in Pharmacy​
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