Explore the world of literature, language, and creative expression.

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The Bachelor of Arts in English at NDSU

Our undergraduate degree in English offers students the opportunity to explore the world of literature, language, and creative expression. Whether you're passionate about writing, analyzing literature, or honing your communication skills, our program provides a comprehensive and engaging curriculum to prepare you for a wide range of career paths.

Our students will form strong communication skills, establish research methods, develop flexibility in facing complex situations and increase their awareness of the humanities tradition. These ideas suit both the liberal arts major and the practical, pre-professional student. Success in the marketplace is tied to the ability to analyze, understand and restate written material. Such success requires habits of investigation, a fluency with documents and speeches, and the self-assurance to handle unfamiliar materials.

Majors and Minors


Career Opportunities

An English degree from NDSU opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates go on to work in fields such as:

Publishing and Editing | Journalism | Education | Marketing and Advertising | Public Relations | Content Creation |

Library and Information Science | Non-Profit Organizations


Courses & Curriculum

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