NDSU English Club

Welcome to the NDSU English Club, a vibrant community of literature enthusiasts, writers, and language lovers at North Dakota State University. We're dedicated to fostering a passion for the written word, creating a space for literary exploration, and connecting with fellow bookworms.

The NDSU English Club is more than just a club; it's a home for those who find solace in words, whether through reading, writing, or discussing literature.

Our mission is to:

Promote Literary Appreciation

We aim to ignite a love for literature by organizing book discussions, poetry readings, and literary events.

Foster Writing Talents

For aspiring authors and poets, we provide a supportive environment to hone their craft through workshops and writing challenges.

Cultivate Intellectual Exchange

We encourage engaging discussions on a wide range of topics related to language, culture, and literature.

Community Building

Building connections is at the heart of our club. We want to create a sense of belonging among our members.

For more information, please contact Eunice Johnston, English Club Advisor

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