Learning Outcomes

Every English Department class identifies at least two of the seven departmental outcomes as learning goals for students in the class.  An English major will ideally be able to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in all of the following skills and content; an English minor should become proficient in most, if not all, of the department's skill and content outcomes. 

Outcome 1: English majors will write and speak effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences in a variety of genres and media. 
Outcome 2: English majors will analyze, interpret, and evaluate a variety of texts.
Outcome 3: English majors will conduct research effectively using a variety of research strategies and sources and documenting their sources according to standard guidelines.
Outcome 4: English majors will plan, document, revise, complete, edit, and present a research project on time and within the constraints of the project.

Outcome 5: English majors will learn a variety of theoretical lenses and apply them in their analyses of texts.
Outcome 6: English majors will recognize, interpret, and differentiate literatures as culturally, historically, and materially embedded practices. This outcome includes goals such as recognizing literary conventions and themes (cultural); periods, major writers, and events (historical); and technologies of writing (material).

Outcome 7: English majors will develop professionalism exhibited in such qualities as self-direction, cooperation, civility, and reliability.

Students in all English classes are encouraged to save their work electronically and in hard copy; all students in English Capstone 467 will be required to assemble a portfolio of their work in order to prepare students for future employment or graduate school.  The portfolio also functions for the department as the primary means of assessing strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum. 

Outcomes are periodically reviewed and updated based on the ongoing assessment of student work.  These outcomes were last updated in February 2022

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