NDSU Policies Relating to Equity

The following policies related to equity are all available at the NDSU Policy Manual. Links are provided to those policies here for your convenience.

Policy 100 – Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

Policy 100.1 – Non-discrimination on the Basis of Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodation

Policy 103 – Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy on the Announcement of Position Openings

Policy 129 – Salary Administration

Policy 156 – Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaint Procedures

Policy 156.1 – Title IX Complaint Procedures

Policy 162 – Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

Policy 162.1 – Consensual Relationships

Policy 168 – Reasonable Accommodation on the Basis of Disability - Employment

Policy 601 – Rights and Responsibilities of Community: A Code of Student Conduct

Policy 606 – Guidelines for Student Requests for Reasonable Accommodation

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