Exercise/Nutrition Science

Exercise/Nutrition Science

The Exercise/Nutrition Science option prepares the graduate for advanced positions with an emphasis in the areas of physical activity, exercise science, nutrition, and health promotion. The department is devoted to researching and understanding the long-term effects of physical activity and nutrition, and translating this research into effective exercise science and wellness programs for children, adolescents, and men and women of all ages. This option is appropriate for athletic trainers, nutrition, and exercise science graduates.

Graduate Faculty eligible to mentor students: Dr. Bryan Christensen, Dr. Marty Douglas, Dr. Julie Garden-Robinson, Dr. Kyle Hackney, Dr. Elizabeth Hilliard, Dr. Ryan McGrath, Dr. Yeong Rhee, Dr. Ashley Roseno, Dr. Sherri Stastny and Dr. Donna Terbizan.

Minimum criteria to be considered for admission:
(meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee acceptance)

  • GPA 3.0 or higher
  • Undergraduate major of Dietetics, Exercise Science, or closely related fields

HNES 790   Seminar Introduction to HNES (1)
HNES 710   Introduction to Research Design and Methods in HNES (3)
STAT  725    Applied Statistics (3)
HNES 713   Graduate Exercise Physiology (3)
HNES 726   Nutrition and Wellness (3)                                                    
HNES 777   Scholarly Writing and Presenting in HNES
HNES          Electives (3)   (9 credit hours)
HNES 798   Thesis (6)

Curriculum: total 31 credits

Applications will be reviewed immediately once all requirements are completed through the graduate school application system.  Applications completed by March 15th will be given priority.  Applications that are received and complete after March 15th will be reviewed through May 1st for consideration for fall semester if space in the program is available. 

To Apply- Please visit https://www.ndsu.edu/gradschool/apply and follow the domestic and international application procedures.

HNES MS Exercise Nutrition Science Graduate Course Rotation Schedule


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