Health, Nutrition, & Exercise Sciences

HNES offers five undergraduate majors; including Exercise Science, Health Education, Nutrition SciencePhysical Education and Sport Management.

At the graduate level, we offer a Ph.D. degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, and four Master’s degrees; including a professional master’s degree in Athletic Training, Dietetics (on-line), and HNES which has 2 options of Exercise Science and Nutrition and Leadership in Physical Education and Sport (on-line).

We also offer General Education Wellness courses through on site and distance learning. 


HNES Vision and Mission Statement

We aspire to be a preeminent multidisciplinary department by preparing quality professionals, high impact research, and valuable community outreach.

To create and communicate multidisciplinary knowledge through innovative instruction, research, and service.

Core Values
The strategic plan is based on the following HNES core values: Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion, Collegiality, Excellence, Service (I3CES).

Click to see the HNES Strategic Plan 2022-2027.



Current Research Studies Seeking Participants:


Students Needed for Survey Research Study on Daily Activity.

All college-aged participants are eligible to participate in this study. Participants who are interested in participating should scan the QR code. This code will direct you to an online survey providing a more detailed description of the study and participant requirements. Alternatively interested participants can send an email to Dr. Farnsworth ( As part of this study, you will be asked to complete an online electronic activity diary for seven consecutive days.

The information we obtain from you during this study will help us to develop more appropriate and relevant questionnaires for college-aged participants. Eligible participants can potentially receive one of 20 - $25 gift cards as compensation for their participation in this study.

Survey Link:



Research Study Recruitment - Aging and Balance:
Interactions between neuromuscular function and the lower visual field

You are being invited to participate in a collaborative research study between the Department of Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences and the Department of Psychology. This research study will be looking at the interaction between changes in neuromuscular function and vision and how these effect balance and fall risk. 

  • We are recruiting males and females between 65-80 years of age that are generally healthy.
  • Participants will be excluded from the study if they:
    • Have had any previous or current injuries in their neck, back, legs or hands that prevents strength and balance testing.
    • Are not fluent in English and able to provide informed consent.
    • Have a leg or arm amputation that would limit testing.
    • Are blind or have a previous eye injury or have lost an eye.
    • Other minor exclusions apply.
  • The time commitment for this study is approximately 2 hours.
  • Payment/compensation- You will be provided $50 dollars for completing the entire study.

This research is conducted under the direction of Dr. Kyle Hackney, Associate Professor, Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, in collaboration with Ryan McGrath, PhD; Sherri Stastny, PhD, and Mark McCourt, PhD. Support for this project was provided by NDSU Center for Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience, Pilot Project Program proposal and has been approved by the NDSU Institutional Review Board (#HE19261).

If interested, please contact Kyle J. Hackney, PhD.


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