Sport Management

Beginning in the fall of 2024, the sport management program will be offering a Master of Science in Sport Management (MSM) degree and a graduate certificate in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration (IAA).  In addition, an MBA/MSM dual degree program will be available.

Master of Science in Sport Management (MSM)

The Master of Science in Sport Management (MSM) is an online graduate program consisting of 30 total credit hours.  Nine credits of coursework make up the core that all MSM students are required to take.  The remaining 21 credits will be filled by elective courses.  In addition to electives, students also have the option to earn the 12-credit Intercollegiate Athletic Administration (IAA) graduate certificate and focus on a growing area within sport management related to intercollegiate athletics.  This degree is designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of the sport management discipline by applying theory and practice to the constantly evolving sports industry.  They will gain an understanding of sport management concepts and solve problems often found in sport management organizations – at the professional, college, and community levels.

Intercollegiate Athletic Administration (IAA) Graduate Certificate

The Intercollegiate Athletic Administration (IAA) Graduate Certificate is a fully online program that includes twelve credit hours of graduate coursework which can serve as electives with the MSM degree program.  Students will learn to evaluate the diverse functions of intercollegiate athletics as part of the mission of higher education at a variety of institution types, as well as analyze current trends and social issues related to college athletics in America.  Upon completion, students will have the advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to succeed in specialized areas within college athletic departments.  The IAA certificate program is designed for students who are looking to improve their understanding of the theory and practice of intercollegiate athletic administration and are seeking a career in college sports.




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