Sport Management

Sport Management

The sport management (SM) major is a four year full-time program of study that is designed to blend the best of theory with the best of practice in the discipline. SM students are provided with interdisciplinary and advanced study opportunities, and on-the-job educational experiences. 

The Program

The sport management degree is designed to prepare students for employment in local, state, regional, national or international level sporting and recreation organizations. The course work includes 56 credit hours. To enhance employment prospects, candidates in this option are required to have a minor in Business Administration (24 credits).

Career Opportunities

NDSU SM graduates are employed in a variety of sport and recreation occupations. Graduates should expect to work in (but are not limited to) local, state, regional, national or international level organizations and businesses. In light of the interdisciplinary nature of the SM major's study options, career opportunities beyond the sport management or recreation management fields are feasible.

Pre Professional Standing and Professional Standing 

The pre-professional SM curricula in the freshman year are designed to prepare students for additional undergraduate work in the subsequent professional SM curricula of the sophomore, junior and senior years. To achieve professional standing a student must have completed all HNES courses listed in the pre-professional year. A grade of B or better is required in HNES 190 and HNES 224. Furthermore, students must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 for all classes by the end of the freshman year. An application for professional standing must submitted to the SM program as soon as requirements are met.  It is highly recommended all students review the student handbook prior to applying for the program.  If a student is accepted into the program, they will be required to meet with the Program Coordinator to review and sign that they have read the student handbook.

Sport Management Student Handbook

Sport Management Fact Sheet 2019


The SM internship is the capstone course for all SM majors. Students participating in an internship will undertake 516 hours of on-the-job training experience. In consultation with the student's adviser, each student is required to secure his or her own internship. Past internship placement sites include local, regional, national and international organizations. For further information, students are encouraged to review the internship information link provided.  

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