General Education

NDSU requires that all students complete a selection of courses as part of their General Education.  HNES intends to offer the following listed courses in Spring and Fall semester. While a course may be advertised for a particular semester, the number of enrollments in a course will determine if the advertised course is actually offered. It is the responsibility of all students to check if the listed courses will be offered in the semester required.

The following courses can be taken as fulfilling the General Education requirement:

HNES 100   Concepts of Fitness and Wellness (2 credits) 
HNES 111   Wellness (3 credits)
HNES 200   Principles of Nutrition (3 credits)
HNES 217   Personal and Community Health (3 credits)
HNES 250   Nutrition Science (3 credits)
HNES 270   Consumer Issues in Food and Nutrition (3 credits)

Physical Activity Courses*

HNES offers Physical Activity courses designed to enrich the learning opportunities for students while engaged in prescribed and monitored physical activity.  Some of the physical activity courses are taught at sites off-campus by external providers while other physical activity courses are taught at sites across campus.  Most physical activity courses have an additional fee. 

Below is the list of physical activity courses currently offered. Students are encouraged to review course scheduling timetables for the courses below to ensure that the physical activity course they want is offered in the semester that best suits the student's program of study.   

HNES 114    Racquetball
HNES 115    Bowling
HNES 116    Billiards
HNES 117    Judo
HNES 128    Golf
HNES 133    Volleyball
HNES 134    Basketball
HNES 135    Badminton
HNES 139    Dodgeball
HNES 148    Team Sports

*A course can be withdrawn at any time, without notification and for any reason. Number of enrollments in a course determines whether a course will be offered.

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