The NDSU Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Program Preparing Students through Engagement in Business/Industry Projects

The most significant courses that require the business/industry project work is the IME Capstone course. During the senior year, students are required to participate in Capstone class which includes engagement of students in real world projects performed on behalf of real world business and industrial clients. Capstone students work with many regional firms in developing solutions for company problems that require them to draw upon the integral of the entire curriculum. Such project involves analysis of client needs, determination of requirements, research, design, development, documentation and presentation addressing client's needs.

The process of performing the projects is carefully structured so that the project objectives and the course learning objectives are congruent. Company sponsors interact with student teams during the project work and participate in the evaluation of project team's work. This practice serves the dual purpose of injecting realism and interest into the course work and added preparation of students for real engineering and management practices.

This year's capstone became very challenging once the COVID-19 pandemic hit and social distancing guidelines were adopted.  Shortly after spring break the sponsors told the students they were unable to allow them back into the plants.  This put a bit of a challenge on all the students and the projects, but the students stepped up to complete their projects in spite of the challenges COVID-19 presented. You may view the student presentations by clicking here .

Capstone - Spring 2020

  •  First Place - Felling Trailer
  •  Second Place - ComDel Innovation
  • Third Place - Tie between Massman Automation and RiteScreen
  •  Best Research on New Process - Horton
  •  Best Cost Benefit - Action Fabricating
  •  Best use of Engineering Principles - BTD

First Place Team


Second Place Team


Third Place Team -Tie

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