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Here's what alumni and current students have to say about why they love NDSU:
  1. Campus size.
  2. Affordability when compared to other Universities of similar size.
  3. Smaller class sizes with professors that get to know you and care.
  4. Top notch research.
  5. Bison athletics of course!!  GO BISON!
  6. Top notch wellness center and lots of student organizations.
  7. That you get to spend the rest of your life explaining that its not pronounced BiSon, its BiZon!


Industrial Engineering & Management

Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M) program blends and integrates both engineering and manufacturing at a single platform. This program becomes a good choice for people with the aptitude and interest for careers that blend technology and people. This is an engineering program, with the traditional content of mathematics, sciences, engineering analysis and synthesis in the curriculum. Graduates are well positioned for success in the national FE exam or professional engineering examination. Beyond the basics, this program also challenges students to integrate resources with technology. In addition to scientific principles and technological systems, IE&M students study people systems, cost analysis, facilities and other elements of the business enterprise. 

To gain a better understanding of the different industries available to IE graduates, students are encouraged to take part in the cooperative education program on campus. IE&M graduates are sought after for responsible positions in project and organizational management, financial modeling, technological training, logistics, and design of processes, procedures, facilities and systems.

Students majoring in any engineering discipline may elect a minor in Industrial Engineering and Management. These optional studies offer engineering students the opportunity to add important career-enhancing skills to their technological competencies. The elected courses in an IE&M minor add skills for integrating technology and resources within the complex of people, technology, machinery and information that make up the successful modern business enterprise. Students completing this minor will achieve a better understanding of organizational and management processes, and will be better prepared to work in the multi-functional teams crucial to success in industry.

Manufacturing Engineering

The Manufacturing Engineering degree at NDSU was started in the 1997-1998 academic year.  NDSU is one of only nineteen universities to offer such a degree. By implementing a separate degree in manufacturing engineering, students receive an education focusing on the tremendous opportunities available in the manufacturing industry.

Everything needed in modern society is manufactured.  Manufacturing engineers design, direct and coordinate the processes and production systems for making virtually every kinds of product from beginning to end.  As businesses try to make products better and at a lower cost, they turn to manufacturing engineers to find out how.

The first two years of the curriculum include fundamental courses in chemistry, math, engineering science, and manufacturing. Courses in statics, dynamics and strength of materials provide understanding of how mechanical components interact. The last two years focus on advanced content in engineering science, manufacturing, and materials. The manufacturing engineering program has a "practice-based" approach and uses both laboratories and industry projects to make manufacturing "real" to students. In addition, students are encouraged to take advantage of cooperative education opportunities whenever possible to gain industrial experience to complement their academic studies. 

Accelerated IEM/MBA Program

Fast-track your career by earning both an Industrial Engineering & Management degree and an MBA in just 5 years! This innovative 4+1 MBA Accelerated Program offers high-achieving students a seamless pathway to earn both their Bachelor's and Master's degrees in just five years. This program stands out for its unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen, allowing students to integrate MBA coursework into their undergraduate curriculum effortlessly. By completing prerequisite courses during their undergraduate years, covering fundamental business areas such as accounting, finance, management, marketing, and statistics, students lay the foundation for a successful transition into the MBA program. 

Accelerated Master of Engineering

The Accelerated Master of Engineering (M.E.) degree offers a unique opportunity for ambitious undergraduate students to seamlessly transition into advanced studies, enhancing their expertise in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME). This program, designed to cater to the dynamic needs of the industry, aims to equip graduates with an understanding of industrial and manufacturing systems, fostering career growth and expanding professional opportunities. 

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