Program Rationale:

The purpose of the IME Recognition of Excellence program (inaugural year 2007) is to recognize individuals who have achieved service or professional excellence in concert with their relationship with the IME Department. The primary form of recognition will be a public display of the individual's achievements housed in the IME Department. This "wall of IME excellence" will provide a direct motivational benefit to current and future IME students by providing a historical perspective of the department and a vision of what they may achieve in their own careers.  

Categories for Nomination:  

  • IME Alumni with distinguished career and professional achievements
  • Individuals that have made significant service contributions to the IME Department
  • IME Alumni that have made significant service contributions at the community, state, or societal level.

Nomination Procedure:

  • Nominations will be open to all
  • Self-nomination is allowed
  • Nominations will include completing the nomination form 
  • Nominations will include a 1-2 page(s) letter identifying category under which the individual is being nominated and an outline of the individual's accomplishments
  • Nominations are renewed every year

Selection procedure: 

  1. The recipients (0-3 per year) will be selected by the majority vote of the Advisory Board from a list of nominees.
  2. Nominations for spring recognition are reviewed in fall and nominations for fall recognition will be reviewed in spring.


  1. The IME department will recognize the recipients by presenting their photo and a summary of their accomplishments on the "Wall of Excellence" located in the department.
  2. The recipients will also be recognized on the IME department website under the Advisory Board site.
  3. Recipients will also be recognized in the college, university, and community publications or newspapers.
  4. The Advisory Board may choose to recognize the recipients with a plaque
  5. Recipients need not be present to be recognized.
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