Dr. Joseph Stanislao

Dr. Joe Stanislao was Dean of the NDSU College of Engineering from 1975-1993. Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Technology University, Lubbock, Texas, a Master of Science degree from Pennsylvania, University Park, Pennsylvania, and a Doctor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University, New York City, New York. Prior to coming to NDSU, he was an associate dean at Fenn College of Engineering, Cleveland State University, Ohio and a professor of industrial engineering at the University of Rhode Island, Kingston.

While at NDSU, Joe was instrumental in bringing the Robert Perkins Center for Computer Technology Transfer to campus in 1985, doubled the number of degrees offered by the college and saw enrollment increase from 657 students to more than 2,500. In 1991, he received the first Economic Development Award at NDSU for his substantial contribution to the economic development of North Dakota through teaching, research or service activities.

With a distinguished career spanning decades, Joe has made significant contributions to the field of engineering. His innovative spirit is evident through his numerous patents for groundbreaking inventions, such as the pump apparatus, vertical lift, gas-less engine, and thermal brick among others. In 2010, at 80 years old, he started his own engineering consulting business. Joe’s commitment to the field of engineering is immeasurable. 

Joe’s impactful contributions extend beyond his role as a dean in the NDSU Engineering Department.  In 2020, he reconnected with NDSU and the IME department, of which students and industrial and manufacturing engineering are his true passion. Joe was named as the inaugural recipient of the College of Engineering Impact Award. Recipients of this award are recognized for their contribution to the college, commitment to excellence, dedication to the mission of the college and vision for the future. Joe continues to contribute to NDSU IME in the form of a scholarship awarded annually to students majoring in industrial engineering.

Joe’s impact extends beyond academia to the broader community, state, and societal levels. He served the country from 1948-1951 as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. In 1972, the Air Force recognized him with the award “Outstanding Public Service Support” while the Air Force ROTC recognized his service with a Certification of Appreciation in 1982.  Through his presidency and Chief Executive Officer position at XOX Corporation and role as Chairman of ATSCO, he has showcased his commitment to driving economic growth and innovation. His service as a member of various organizations, including the American Institute of Industrial Engineers, American Society of Engineering Education, and American Society of Mechanical Engineers, reflects his active involvement in shaping the engineering landscape at both local and national levels.


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